a group of people exchange gifts during sober holidays

How to Enjoy the Holidays While Sober

For those in recovery from substance use disorder, the holidays present enormous challenges. The media promotes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve as a prime time for happy families. But many people aren’t that fortunate. Pangs of loneliness may loom exceptionally sharp during what’s supposed to be a merry time of the year. And the…

a woman wonders how the holidays impact social anxiety

How the Holidays Impact Social Anxiety

Those who struggle with social anxiety disorder feel uncomfortable in large crowds or with people they don’t know. As a result, holiday celebrations become sources of frustration and anxiety. Office parties may spark fear, and even something as simple as meeting friends at a local restaurant may cause unusual levels of distress. In its simplest…

a group of people discuss how to choose a rehab program for yourself

How to Choose a Rehab Program for Yourself

Individualization is a guiding principle of addiction treatment. Generally, this means that an addiction rehab program must suit the needs of the individual. What works for your friend may not work for you, in other words. To choose the right rehab program for yourself, explore the many options available, and make your decision based upon…

a teen boy struggles with the stress of online learning

The Stress of Online Learning on Teens

Online learning is more stressful for some families than it is for others. And when teenagers are the ones learning online, problems often become more frightening than they would otherwise. Teens are notoriously social creatures, and when they must learn from home, they may feel lonely or cut-off from the rest of the world. For…

Father struggles with the impact of online learning for parents

Impact of Online Learning on Parents in Recovery

Structure plays a huge role in recovery from addiction. As a result, when children must transition from a regular school day to online learning, it can throw parents in recovery quite the curveball. When you’re used to waking at a certain time, making breakfast, and putting children on a school bus, sudden changes may be…

two friends discuss the signs of self-medication

4 Signs of Self-Medication in a Loved One

Do you worry that your loved one may experiment with self-medication? Generally, this is the act of taking a chemical substance or prescription medication without a doctor’s direct order. If you’ve ever taken a friend’s tranquilizer to calm yourself before a big meeting, you’ve self-medicated. Likewise, if you’ve ever watched a friend try to drink…