doctor and patient discussing heroin detox

3 Advantages of Heroin Detox Before Addiction Treatment

Among younger Americans, heroin abuse has doubled in the last decade. The term “opioid crisis” barely conveys the seriousness of the emergency. Heroin addiction endangers more than 600,000 Americans, a number that does not take into account other opioid addictions. Approximately 15,000 die in this country every year from a heroin overdose. Heroin, one of…

teen beginning outpatient treatment

3 Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Teens

For teens struggling with substance misuse, dependence, and addiction, making a decision about rehab can be difficult. As with anyone who is ready to engage in rehab, teens’ families may be grateful for a less expensive, outpatient option. But there are other excellent reasons to consider an outpatient program for your adolescent. If you are…

Teen Discussing Dual Diagnosis Treatment

How Teens Can Benefit from Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The mental health and substance use risks for teens are in many ways unique to their stage of life. Though on the cusp of adulthood, their mental, physical, and psychological development are on hyper-drive, and the challenges they face in today’s fast-paced, globally-connected world are significant. Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge (PAATC) has been at…

Man Learning Benefits of Short-Term Inpatient Treatment

3 Benefits of Short-Term Inpatient Treatment

When you or your loved one know it’s time to seek help for addiction, the number of options can seem overwhelming. Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge can offer a comprehensive scope of treatments for substance misuse and addiction. Whether you’re seeking inpatient or outpatient treatment, short-term to long-term services, or anything in between, our team…