At Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge (PAATC), our mission is simple yet profound: to guide individuals toward a life-changing encounter with faith and self-discovery.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of God’s love, and we aim to share this love with you, providing a supportive community where you can grow, heal, and find purpose.

Our Approach

We understand that the path to healing and personal growth involves a blend of accountability, grace, and fellowship. Here’s what makes our program unique:

Accountability with Grace and Truth

Our approach is rooted in holding individuals accountable while extending grace and understanding. Through one-on-one counseling, pastoral guidance, and a supportive community, we help individuals navigate their journey with honesty and compassion.

Cultivating Fellowship and Building Faith

Community is at the heart of our program. We believe in cultivating a supportive environment where individuals can build meaningful connections, find acceptance, and deepen their faith through chapel services, devotions, and Bible studies led by experienced pastors and mentors.

Experienced and Supportive Team

Our dedicated team is comprised of individuals who have walked the same path of recovery and transformation. Many of our team members are graduates of our programs or have experienced recovery themselves, offering valuable insights and empathy.

Structured Curriculum and Spiritual Growth

Our program is designed to address various aspects of spiritual growth and personal development. Through a curriculum covering foundational biblical practices, emotional well-being, and practical life skills, participants experience holistic transformation.


Program Offerings

Chapel Services and Devotions

With four services a week and morning devotions, our participants engage in spiritual teachings, prayer, and reflection guided by our pastoral team.

Specialized Programs

We offer tailored programs such as the Grace program for transitioning from other facilities and the Faith program, focusing on deeper spiritual development through personalized studies.

Work Therapy and Volunteer Opportunities

Our work therapy program provides practical skills through activities like cleaning, cooking, manufacturing, and community outreach, fostering a sense of purpose and contribution.

Aftercare and Continuing Education

Graduates have access to aftercare support, work opportunities, additional schooling, and resources for housing, paving the way for continued personal and professional growth.

Community Engagement and Support

Our commitment extends beyond the program duration. We facilitate family connections, monthly events, baptisms, graduations, and education opportunities to support individuals in their journey toward restoration and a renewed life.

Our vision extends beyond the program. We’re dedicated to building bridges towards further education, job opportunities, housing support, and family restoration empowering individuals to thrive in their newfound journey.

Join Our Family

At PAATC, we’re committed to walking alongside you on this transformative journey.

Call us today at 844.442.8673 to learn more about our program, admissions, and how we can support you in embracing a life filled with hope, purpose, and faith.

Our long-term discipleship program is based in a rich history with a curriculum focused on not only teaching life skills and providing resources but also the love of God.

Our team’s approach is to love our students until they can love themselves. The majority of our team have gone through our program.

Our Team

Dave Cottrill

VP of Programming

Jamie Mondesir

Director of Women’s Programming

Ryan DeLeon

Director of Men’s Programming

Pastor Naro

Pastor McMenamin

Pastor Bradley Stull