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About Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge

Since 1958, when our founder, the Reverend David Wilkerson, began intervening in the lives of addicted young people, PAATC has been at the forefront of addiction recovery. By 1962, Rev. Wilkerson had expanded his project in scope to include vocational training as well as treatment. This expansion coincided with moving the operation to a 16-acre farm in Rehrersburg, PA. That farm, which many refer to as “God’s Mountain” remains our main campus to this day.

Today, Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge offers faith-based, comprehensive treatment programs to men and women. We are proud to offer highly regarded residential treatment programs at our Rehrersburg, PA and Western PA campuses. For individuals seeking help who cannot commit to a residential program, we offer outpatient programs through the Naaman Center with locations in Elizabethtown, Quarryville, Elizabethville, and two in Lancaster, PA. 

Our Core Values

Our philosophy at Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge is based on a simple set of core values which include Faith, Compassion, Dignity, and Excellence. We believe that addiction results in individuals that are fragmented and broken. Therefore, we have made it our business to mend that fragmentation, and to make broken individuals whole. That mission started with Reverend David Wilkerson in 1958, and it continues today. 

At PAATC, we believe that through a relationship with Jesus Christ, there is the hope of recovery for everyone struggling with substance use disorders and dependency issues. The dedicated team at Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge is proud to offer a safe place for recovery — one that is based on the solid foundation of the teachings of Christ.

We often identify our work as “bringing wholeness to the hopeless” and the hundreds of men and women who have successfully completed our programs are a testament to the strength of this mission. When someone you love or care about is at the end of their rope and feels like there is nowhere else to turn, we are here for them.

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Reach Out to Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge Today

No one asks to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, at PAATC, we believe that there is always hope, even when all other methods have failed. One of the ways that we exercise this belief is by offering a wide variety of faith-based programs. Perhaps your loved one needs medical detox and inpatient care as their body heals from its addiction. Or maybe they require counseling and support as they continue rehabilitation. Wherever someone is in their journey of recovery, Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge and the Naaman Center are here to help.

By taking steps today, you can help someone find their way through the wilderness. To learn more about Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge, contact us online or by calling our 24/7 call center at 844.442.8673. It is time to help your loved one find their way home. Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge and the Naaman Center are here to do just that.