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3 Techniques for Staying Sober This Holiday Season

As the holiday season is upon us, how do people in recovery navigate the potential roadblocks and pitfalls that threaten their sobriety? Perhaps you have recently been discharged from alcohol addiction treatment or are still enrolled in an outpatient program as the holidays approach. In this case, some strategies will support you as you enjoy…

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What Are the Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal?

Seeking heroin treatment for addiction is a lifesaving decision and an essential first step in recovery. Although heroin use is still on the rise in the United States, only about 1 in 10 people who suffer from heroin use disorder end up seeking and receiving help at a heroin treatment center. If you or someone…

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What Is Heroin Treatment?

The risk of addiction is there as soon as someone experiments with heroin. Because of how this opiate operates in the brain, the progression from use to tolerance to dependence and addiction can happen very quickly. The sooner people who are concerned about heroin use disorder begin heroin treatment, the better. If you are concerned…

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3 Signs Your Teen Needs Marijuana Treatment

About 1 in 10 teens who use cannabis regularly will become addicted to it. However, the effects on the still-developing brain of a teenager are serious regardless of dependence or addiction. Marijuana impedes brain growth, including the formation of neural pathways, and can affect IQ, motivation, and cognitive processing. Even among those who may not…

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How Marijuana Can Affect Teenage Brains

Marijuana use has recently surpassed cigarette use among teens. This is a significant statistic since tobacco use has never stopped rising among the younger demographic, despite its decline in other age groups. Marijuana harms developing brains, but the gap between what people believe about marijuana’s safety among teens and the truth is enormous. Marijuana addiction…

a man suffering from social anxiety and drug abuse discusses teen social anxiety with his partner and a counselor

How Social Anxiety Can Affect Relationships

Social anxiety disorder affects nearly 10% of American youth and about 7% of adults. Education regarding the links between social anxiety and drug abuse can help prevent addiction before it begins. However, the most common reason people with social anxiety drink or take drugs is as a form of self-medication. Reducing symptoms through substance use…

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5 Benefits of a Faith-Based Addiction Program

Faith-centered addiction treatment combines spiritual practice with evidence-based treatment. Faith-based practices can help you use your commitment to religion and spirituality to support your recovery. If you have a background in Christianity, are deeply religious, or feel comforted by the practice of Christian faith, a recovery community based on Christian principles will likely help you…

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Prescription Medication Withdrawal Symptoms

Oxycontin, generically known as oxycodone, was approved by the FDA for medical use in 1995. The drug manufacturers’ assurances that it was not particularly addictive meant physicians prescribed it readily for their patients. Many traced the current opioid epidemic to when doctors often wrote prescriptions for synthetic opioids for pain. Prescription medication treatment centers treat…