teen struggling with teen alcohol addiction

5 Causes of Alcohol Addiction in Teens

The teen years are unique among the life stages in that more changes occur, physically, mentally, emotionally, during these few years than at any other time. The turbulence that such rapid changes can create, combined with the fact that adolescent brains are still developing until into the mid-twenties, makes it challenging for both kids and…

mother and son discussing a teen rehab center

5 Benefits of a Teen Rehab Center for Addiction

Teenagers in the United States have access to more addictive substances than at any other time in history. There are new forms of stimulants and synthetic opioids being devised all the time. Furthermore, prescription drugs are increasingly available to those without a prescription, and alcohol is all too easy for teens to get their hands…

group beginning an addiction treatment program

What to Expect from a 30-Day Addiction Treatment Program

There are so many addiction treatment programs to choose from nowadays; it can be a lot to take in. For many, a 30-day treatment program remains the standard and can be tremendously beneficial in jump-starting recovery. It is ideal for those who may at first be reluctant to enroll in a rehab program. Whether you…

boy learning about a teen drug rehab

Importance of a Teen Drug Rehab Center

If your teen struggles with substance abuse or addiction, the problem may have created numerous repercussions for the whole family. It’s only natural to want to get rehab info on the proper teen drug addiction treatment program in order to restore happiness and peace to your household. If you’re worried about your teen, learn how…

group participating in faith based treatment

How Can Faith-Based Treatment Help Teens?

Perhaps you are a parent worried about your child or an educator aware of warning signs that a student is abusing drugs. Maybe you are a member of the clergy whose young parishioner is exhibiting signs of addiction. If an adolescent you care about is engaged in risky behavior with an addictive substance, you have…

group entering a teen detox center

What to Look for in a Detox Center for Teens

The human brain is complex, with countless pieces of the puzzle evolving from birth through the mid-20s. Every segment or center within the brain develops in its own time. Babies learn to babble before they learn to talk in sentences, and there is a great deal of nuanced development between those two benchmarks. Similarly, the…

group discussing heroin addiction

Importance of Professional Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Despite the increase in awareness and education about opiates, heroin addiction is still rising in the United States. Genetics plays a role in who will become addicted, but that is not the only factor putting Americans at risk. As long as people continue to suffer from trauma, poverty, isolation, and violence, they will be vulnerable…

teens allowing social media to impact their teen drug use

3 Ways Social Media Impacts Teen Drug Use

Among the countless ways the world has transformed in the last fifty years, the advent of the internet opened the door to a cascade of cultural changes that affect all aspects of society. Social media is one of the most pervasively influential innovations of the last few decades in teen culture. At Pennsylvania Adult &…