a doctor at a short-term clinical program offers advice about short-term detox, short-term treatment, and short-term inpatient drug rehab to a new patient

3 Benefits of a Short-Term Clinical Program

Once you decide that you need addiction treatment, you are already on your way to recovery. The following steps of determining what kind of treatment you need and where can seem daunting, but they don’t have to be. There are great options available to you. Some resources can help you choose between an inpatient or…

a man walks with his son talking about the location for adult & teen challenge drug rehab

Adult & Teen Challenge Locations

For 60 years, Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge (PAATC) has been providing evidence-based care to teens 18 and up and adults who struggle with addiction. Serving communities throughout Pennsylvania, several PAATC locations offer dynamic environments, compassionate care, and comprehensive therapeutic programs. If you live in or near Pennsylvania and are looking for professional treatment for…

a man lays in bed thinking about heroin addiction help and heroin treatment options before seeking a heroin detox program

How Long Do the Effects of Heroin Detox Last?

Heroin addiction continues to be a challenge in the United States, with upwards of half a million people affected each year. Heroin addiction help is available in professional rehab centers in most states. The first thing that has to happen before anyone with a heroin addiction can start recovery is withdrawal. It is often best…

A couple discusses cocaine addiction treatment centers and cocaine treatment programs with a therapist

How Cocaine Treatment Could Help Your Relationships

Millions of Americans report having used cocaine in their lifetimes. While the number of people addicted to either cocaine or crack, a smokable form of cocaine, has gone down slightly since the early 2000s, this addiction still affects millions every year. Cocaine addiction damages the lives of cocaine abusers and their families. If you are…

a man in need of fentanyl treatment holds his stomach as he considers looking for opioid detox treatment

Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms

The opioid crisis is alive and well. Whether prescription painkillers, heroin, fentanyl, or other opioids, these drugs are dangerous and cost lives. Fentanyl is one of the most potent opioids. 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine, fentanyl is synthetic, meaning it is created in a lab. In addition, drug manufacturers often lace other…

A woman suffering from phencyclidine addiction holds her head and considers finding phencyclidine treatment

PCP Withdrawal Symptoms

Phencyclidine, or PCP as it is commonly known, has been around since the 1950s. Originally formulated as an IV anesthetic, the agitating and hallucinogenic effects led to medical professionals discontinuing its use. Unfortunately, that was not the end of PCP. However, it has been available on the street market ever since and is dangerous and…

a group of people discuss heroin addiction help and heroin treatment options before seeking help for heroin addiction

How Heroin Addiction Affects Relationships

Addiction to heroin, or any controlled substance, wreaks havoc within the life of the person abusing drugs and the lives of their loved ones. Unfortunately, one of the primary casualties of heroin addiction is human connection and the relationships that once played an essential role in your wellbeing and happiness. Do not wait if you…

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Someone who seeks serious pain management or wants to get high often turns to an opioid. These substances may include heroin, prescription pain medication, or morphine. Opioids impact the brain, impairing its ability to function and produce specific chemicals, quickly leading to cravings and dependence. The only way to return to its original functioning is…

Signs Of Meth Use

Signs of Meth Use

Street-level crystal meth is one of the most devastating illegal drugs available on the black market. It takes a tremendous toll on both body and mind. Though some methamphetamines are used medically for certain disorders, the illicit version of this drug, manufactured illegally in unlawful meth labs, wreaks havoc among nearly 2 million Americans every…

What To Bring To Rehab

What to Bring to Rehab

Heading into a residential addiction treatment program is a significant step. If you or someone you care about is about to take this step, congratulations are in order. Of the many questions that may be spiraling through your head, “What can I take with me?” might be one of them. Most rehab centers provide suggested…