Man Experiencing Addiction Cravings

Understanding Cravings During Addiction Treatment

No definition of addiction would be complete without mentioning how cravings are part of the issue. There are multiple aspects of addiction, which vary according to each person who finds difficulty overcoming substance abuse. However, cravings are nearly always part of what’s going on and prevent the patient from quitting their substance abuse. At Pennsylvania Adult…

Addiction Treatment Family Therapy

Should My Family Be Involved in My Addiction Treatment Program?

If you or your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, this may be a frightening time for you. You know you need to seek addiction treatment, but you’re concerned about your family as well. You’re wondering if you should choose an addiction treatment program that involves your family or whether you or your…

Participants In Residential Treatment Program

3 Benefits of Residential Treatment

Finding an effective treatment program is essential when you or a loved one struggles with alcohol or drug addiction. Residential treatment programs provide a caring environment where those who have an addiction can count on receiving plenty of support. These programs have patients stay in a facility in order to get care around the clock for a…

Adult Friends Drinking Alcohol

How to Handle Instances of Peer Pressure and Alcohol

One thing that people often misunderstand is that peer pressure does not only affect teenagers. Adults are at risk of bowing to peer pressure as well. Sometimes you may have to involve trained individuals in your struggle to overcome peer pressure. Experts in addiction treatment suggest that alcohol is the second most abused substance after…

Man Experiencing Alcohol Addiction

Four Ways Addiction Occurs

Traditional wisdom suggests two basic types of addiction. Either a person is born with the potential for addiction due to genetics, or they develop an addiction with extended substance abuse. Often, the issue becomes a combination of the two. That’s a simplified explanation of this condition, but there may be more underlying issues when evaluating each…