benefits of opiate detox

3 Benefits of an Opiate Detox Center

The term “opioid epidemic” refers to the ever-increasing incidence of opiate and opioid addiction that spiked dramatically in the early 1990s with the FDA’s approval of oxycodone as a prescription painkiller. Detox center programs that treat opiate additions see thousands of people every year. These individuals seek recovery and wish to live a sober, healthy,…

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Understanding Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you have developed alcohol dependence, quitting can be difficult and, in some cases, even dangerous. When someone struggling with alcohol addiction attempts to stop drinking, they may experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. For some people, experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be frightening, especially when they are severe. Reaching out for help is not…

women practicing recovery life skills

5 Necessary Addiction Recovery Life Skills

What life skills do you need to maintain sobriety after rehab? Re-entry can feel scary after inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment. There are indeed things you can do, thinking you can adopt, and priorities you can set. Each of these will help you with addiction recovery and relapse prevention. Our rehab program offers a cognitive-behavioral…

friends after leaving outpatient addiction treatment

4 Benefits of an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

The links between mental health disorders and addiction are well documented. Nearly 40% of people with a substance use disorder have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. The most effective way to treat mental health and addiction is to address both simultaneously with a coordinated care plan. But how do you find the program that will…