young girl in need of an adolescent drug addiction treatment center

Common Addictions That Require Adolescent Drug Treatment

It will be no surprise that the majority of the most common substances teens abuse are the ones that are readily available to them. Teens may turn to substances to cope with the stressors they face in school, socially, and at home. They may also attempt to escape dysfunctional relationships and home life or self-medicate…

parents discussing an adolescent rehab center

How to Choose an Adolescent Rehab Center

Finding an adolescent rehab center means finding somewhere that hires professionals who understand teens, are trained to work with this age group. They should also work closely with families during and after treatment to ensure a continuity of care post-discharge. Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge (PAATC) has entire adolescent addiction treatment programs devoted to treating…

group entering an alcohol detox center

3 Ways an Alcohol Detox Center Aids in Addiction Recovery

Alcohol addiction occurs in every part of the globe. Over 100 million people worldwide suffer from this chronic disease, and of those over 18 in the U.S., 15+ million people addicted to alcohol is a conservative estimate. Alcohol is a readily available substance that can be used in moderation by many. However, when certain risk…