two friends discuss the signs of self-medication

4 Signs of Self-Medication in a Loved One

Do you worry that your loved one may experiment with self-medication? Generally, this is the act of taking a chemical substance or prescription medication without a doctor’s direct order. If you’ve ever taken a friend’s tranquilizer to calm yourself before a big meeting, you’ve self-medicated. Likewise, if you’ve ever watched a friend try to drink…

a group of people try to convince their friend to find an addiction treatment center

How to Talk to Your Loved One About Seeking Addiction Treatment

Addiction affects everyone who interacts with the person who has a problem. When you love a person who has a problem with alcohol or drugs, you want to help them in any way possible. You can’t decide to get help for them. That decision has to be something they willingly make. However, you can try…

a group of people participate in a faith centered treatment program

3 Benefits of a Faith Centered Treatment Program

Programs like AA and NA offer a 12-step, faith-based treatment. This model of addiction recovery has been around for longer than most other programs. Faith-centered treatment is also one of the most popular in rehab centers. Why do so many seek out a faith-based program, and what benefits does faith-centered treatment offer over other programs?…

a man comforts a woman at an addiction rehab center

How to Choose an Addiction Rehab Center for Your Loved One

Your loved one has made the brave decision to get help for their addiction. Now you want to help them find the best addiction rehab center possible to help them get clean. How can you do this? If you haven’t known anyone who went through the program, you can’t rely on personal recommendations. Choosing the…

a woman pours pills into her hands and considers the benzo shortage and benzo addiction treatment

The Dangers of the Current Benzo Shortage

Many doctors prescribe benzos to address addiction and other mental health conditions. In addition, those going through alcohol withdrawal may use the medication to help ease symptoms. COVID-19 has caused an increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for anxiety. In the meantime, the supply chain has been interrupted, and it is becoming more…

a group of people comfort a woman and discuss the signs of alcohol addiction

6 Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction isn’t something that appears. Signs of alcohol addiction often sneak up on a person. There are subtle signs that worsen over time, and these are the signs that others can sometimes notice before you do. Other signs indicate that there may be a problem, but your loved ones may not see. Contact the…

a man struggles with depression and wonders if he needs depression disorder treatment

5 Signs of Depression Disorder

People seeking treatment for mental health or addiction issues often have a co-occurring depression disorder. Depression and anxiety are the two most common mental health disorders to accompany addictions. In some cases, addiction is the main cause of seeking treatment, and you also are diagnosed with depression. Then, you will need to get depression disorder…

woman showing one of the five signs of an anxiety disorder

5 Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is something everyone experiences at least once in their life. It is the mind’s natural response to a situation that is stressful. Most people, however, find the anxiety disappearing once they get through the situation, or even when they understand the situation better. With other people, anxiety is a daily problem, and it doesn’t…