Father struggles with the impact of online learning for parents

Impact of Online Learning on Parents in Recovery

Structure plays a huge role in recovery from addiction. As a result, when children must transition from a regular school day to online learning, it can throw parents in recovery quite the curveball. When you’re used to waking at a certain time, making breakfast, and putting children on a school bus, sudden changes may be…

two friends discuss the signs of self-medication

4 Signs of Self-Medication in a Loved One

Do you worry that your loved one may experiment with self-medication? Generally, this is the act of taking a chemical substance or prescription medication without a doctor’s direct order. If you’ve ever taken a friend’s tranquilizer to calm yourself before a big meeting, you’ve self-medicated. Likewise, if you’ve ever watched a friend try to drink…

a man sits with his head down as he considers the current benzo shortage

The Dangers of the Current Benzo Shortage

Many doctors prescribe benzos to address addiction and other mental health conditions. In addition, those going through alcohol withdrawal may use the medication to help ease symptoms. COVID-19 has caused an increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for anxiety. In the meantime, the supply chain has been interrupted, and it is becoming more…