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3 Signs You’re Addicted to Prescribed Pills

The most commonly abused prescription medications fall into three categories: depressants, opioids, and stimulants. Whether it’s a barbiturate prescribed for sleep or anxiety, an opioid used in pain management, or amphetamines to treat ADHD – numerous prescription psychoactive medications can be abused and are potentially addictive. The epidemic of prescription drug use disorders means that…

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Can Marijuana Addiction Affect My Relationships?

Addiction to marijuana is classified as a cannabis use disorder (CUD) and affects about 10% of regular users. For those people, marijuana addiction treatment can help them break out of the cycle of abuse so they can live a sober life. One of the reasons many people seek marijuana addiction help is because the fallout…


What Are the Symptoms of Cocaine Intoxication?

Cocaine’s stimulant qualities are what appeal to those who use it. Before anyone realized how addictive and dangerous the drug could be, it was in over-the-counter medications and even, briefly, in Coca-Cola. Many people who use this drug feel it makes them more confident, effective, and likable. The euphoric effects tempt users to keep using,…

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What to Expect from a Short-Term Clinical Program

Our short-term addiction treatment model has long been a standard approach to the start of recovery. There are numerous other options nowadays. However, a short-term clinical program remains an effective care model for many people suffering from substance use disorders. If you are looking at our short-term treatment programs to see if one might be…

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3 Major Side Effects of Heroin Addiction

More than two million people sign up for addiction treatment every year. Sadly, that is only about one-tenth of the people who need it. As the incidence of substance use disorders rises, the stigma around addiction and the lack of knowledge about how rehab works are barriers to people receiving help. For those with a…

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What Are the Benefits of Alcohol Detox?

Many people seeking help for an alcohol use disorder often ask why they can’t undergo the process without attending an alcohol detox center. This option may be possible for a small number of individuals, but most of those seeking alcohol detox fare much better in a supervised program. Alcohol detox is one of the most…

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4 Benefits of Residential Treatment

Stepping away from your family and friends for an extended period of time for residential treatment seems like it would be so hard. It is a challenge, but the residential treatment benefits are numerous and can provide you with the very best way for you to start on the path towards recovery. At Pennsylvania Adult…

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3 Benefits of a Faith Centered Treatment Program

Programs like AA and NA offer a 12-step, faith-based treatment. This model of addiction recovery has been around for longer than most other programs. Faith-centered treatment is also one of the most popular in rehab centers. Why do so many seek out a faith-based program, and what benefits does faith-centered treatment offer over other programs?…