teen showing signs they need marijuana treatment

5 Signs Your Teen Needs Marijuana Treatment

Marijuana abuse often flies under the radar because many states are legalizing it. In addition, it may have legitimate medical uses and does not kill people. However, marijuana is a drug and can lead to physical and mental health consequences, and about 9% of users will develop an addiction to it. Those risks increase among…

group finishing heroin addiction treatment

How Heroin Addiction Treatment Helps Fight the Opioid Epidemic

Heroin and other opiates have been around for a long time. Still, it was with the introduction of Oxycontin and other synthetic opioids in the late 1990s when the opioid epidemic took off. Pharmaceutical manufacturers were less than transparent about the addictiveness of these substances, and as a result, doctors confidently prescribed them to patients…

group discussing cocaine addiction treatment

Why Cocaine Addiction Treatment Is Still Crucial

Cocaine has been around since the mid-19th century when it was first discovered to have stimulant properties. Cocaine comes from the coca plant. Experts initially perceived its use as harmless and included in numerous over-the-counter remedies, such as a treatment for cholera and, ironically, for combat morphine addiction. Famously, until 1903, every bottle of Coca-Cola…

young man talking to a teen therapist about his mental health

4 Benefits of a Teen Therapist

When addiction strikes during adolescence, the risks of severe or long-term health consequences increase. Many teens in the United States self-report binge drinking and marijuana use. Furthermore, most adolescents with substance use disorders also meet the criteria for a psychiatric disorder. These co-occurring disorders make it essential to seek mental health intervention by professionals who…

teen struggling with co-occurring disorders

5 Signs of Co-Occurring Disorders in Teens

Our teen dual diagnosis treatment program in Pennsylvania addresses addiction in teens when it co-occurs with mental health conditions. This coordinated approach to addiction treatment for young people who also have an underlying mental health issue is the best and most effective way to help teens find lasting recovery and wellness. Pennsylvania Adult & Teen…

teen struggling with teen alcohol addiction

5 Causes of Alcohol Addiction in Teens

The teen years are unique among the life stages in that more changes occur, physically, mentally, emotionally, during these few years than at any other time. The turbulence that such rapid changes can create, combined with the fact that adolescent brains are still developing until into the mid-twenties, makes it challenging for both kids and…

mother and son discussing a teen rehab center

5 Benefits of a Teen Rehab Center for Addiction

Teenagers in the United States have access to more addictive substances than at any other time in history. There are new forms of stimulants and synthetic opioids being devised all the time. Furthermore, prescription drugs are increasingly available to those without a prescription, and alcohol is all too easy for teens to get their hands…

group beginning an addiction treatment program

What to Expect from a 30-Day Addiction Treatment Program

There are so many addiction treatment programs to choose from nowadays; it can be a lot to take in. For many, a 30-day treatment program remains the standard and can be tremendously beneficial in jump-starting recovery. It is ideal for those who may at first be reluctant to enroll in a rehab program. Whether you…

boy learning about a teen drug rehab

Importance of a Teen Drug Rehab Center

If your teen struggles with substance abuse or addiction, the problem may have created numerous repercussions for the whole family. It’s only natural to want to get rehab info on the proper teen drug addiction treatment program in order to restore happiness and peace to your household. If you’re worried about your teen, learn how…