stages of detox

Understanding the Stages of Detox

There is no addiction recovery without the very first step: withdrawal. When you stop drinking or using drugs, your body has to adjust. This process of withdrawal is challenging because addiction also means dependence. Your body and brain have become physically dependent on drugs and/or alcohol and must now relearn how to function clean. Knowing…

person in shadows struggling with cocaine abuse

Recognizing Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is a stimulant drug derived from the coca plant. First synthesized over 100 years ago and used in common products like over-the-counter remedies and even Coca-Cola, cocaine soon became recognized as addictive. An accessible street drug in powder form or as smokable crack, cocaine sends thousands of people into cocaine addiction treatment programs annually.…

signs of heroin overdose

Signs of a Heroin Overdose

Heroin abuse and addiction still affect hundreds of thousands of Americans annually. Opium, derived from the opium poppy flower, had been used as a recreational drug for thousands of years, but it was not until 1874 that heroin was synthesized from opium. It was used medically for pain management until its extreme addictiveness was understood…

a woman sits on a couch and wonders about the dangers of opiates

Why Are Opiates Dangerous?

There are several dangers of opiates, particularly their highly addictive nature. In the 90s, they were marketed as non-addictive but are now one the leading causes of overdose cases in the United States. Moreover, these overdoses occur when people combine opiates with other drugs such as benzodiazepines. The opioid epidemic has swept the nation and…

a man covers his face as he considers the signs of benzo addiction

5 Signs of Benzo Addiction

The use of benzos can be highly pleasurable at first. However, benzo addiction inevitably will negatively impact health, career, and relationships. Read on to learn more about the signs of benzo addiction and to get information on contacting the addiction treatment program at Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge. What Is Benzo Addiction? Before determining if…

a man sits at a window and wonders what is the cocaine definition

What Is Cocaine?

What does a typical cocaine addiction treatment center offer its clients? Because cocaine is considered a highly addictive substance, and its misuse usually results in severe addiction, the ideal treatment center should allow clients to complete the full course of addiction treatment within its walls. Most treatment centers offer various services to make getting professional…

a man holds his head as he wonders about the dangers of meth

Why Is Meth so Dangerous?

Meth addiction is one of the hardest substance use disorders to overcome, which is why meth addiction treatment centers often offer a comprehensive range of treatments. These treatments include everything from medical detoxification services to outpatient services and aftercare. The idea is for clients to undergo the entire course of their addiction treatment plan in…

a man discusses residential addiction treatment

Finding the Right Residential Addiction Treatment in Rehresburg, PA

Residential addiction treatment is a proven avenue for those who seek recovery from a substance use disorder. The intensity and focus of an inpatient rehab allow for immersion in therapies and access to 24/7 care and support. Deciding to pursue recovery at a residential addiction treatment center is significant, and you don’t need to make…