The Side Effects of Marijuana

During the past few years, there has been a significant shift in how society looks at marijuana. Even though it is good that CBD is providing people with numerous health benefits, people need to understand that there are serious consequences that can happen if they smoke marijuana. Marijuana contains two main substances: THC and CBD.…

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

What Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

If you are looking for assistance with mental health issues, plenty of people find themselves in the same situation. One of the treatment options that you may have heard about is called cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT. CBT is the foundation of numerous treatment regimens for substance abuse, addiction, other mental health issues, and even marital…

Woman Living In Sobriety

3 Reasons To Choose Sobriety

Between movies, celebrities, and nighttime activities, it can be hard to avoid drug and alcohol exposure. The constant danger of substances, such as alcohol and narcotics, can make it difficult to avoid temptation. While it may be difficult to avoid these substances, sobriety is a far better choice for your life. Your health, mind, and…

Man Experiencing Addiction Cravings

Understanding Cravings During Addiction Treatment

No definition of addiction would be complete without mentioning how cravings are part of the issue. There are multiple aspects of addiction, which vary according to each person who finds difficulty overcoming substance abuse. However, cravings are nearly always part of what’s going on and prevent the patient from quitting their substance abuse. At Pennsylvania Adult…