a man stares out the window as he considers the heroin addiction symptoms

Learning the Symptoms of Heroin Addiction and How to Treat It

Heroin has been around for a long time. Long before the opioid crisis sparked by a flood of synthetic opioids onto the legal pharmaceutical and street markets, heroin had been derailing lives and damaging families. Dependence, addiction, and overdose are stepping stones on the path of heroin abuse. There are treatments available and facilities where…

a woman stares out the window as she considers the signs of opioid addiction

Find Out the Signs of Opioid Addiction and How to Treat It

Opioids are synthetic drugs produced originally in the medical labs of pharmaceutical companies. Opioids have chemical profiles like opiates and narcotics derived from poppies like opium, morphine, and heroin. The term opioid is an umbrella term that includes all opioids and opiates. Originally intended only for medical use, opioids soon leaked out of the mainstream…

a woman looks out the window as she considers an alcohol detox center and how to detox from alcohol

Detoxing from Alcohol and How to Do It

Addiction does not discriminate. Who you are, where you come from, your gender, religion, education level, and your financial or professional status cannot influence whether or not you will become addicted to alcohol. The first step in any alcohol rehab process is ridding your body of all traces of alcohol. This means you must go…

a group of people discuss the benefits of getting cocaine addiction treatment

Cocaine Addiction: 3 Benefits of Getting Cocaine Addiction Treatment

In the past, people of all ages used cocaine because they believed it was safe for unregulated consumption. Cocaine, derived from the coca plant, could be found in over-the-counter medications, family remedies, and even the original Coca-Cola recipe. Eventually, all that changed. Medical professionals understood its highly addictive qualities and began to use it legally…

a woman holds the hand of another woman as they discuss what is meth addiction

How to Know When It’s Time to Get Help for Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug that shares characteristics with amphetamines. However, because more of the drug reaches the brain with meth than other amphetamines, it is more powerful and far more addictive. Unfortunately, meth is commonly manufactured illegally in pop-up at-home labs and distributed on the streets. About one and a half million Americans over…

two doctors discuss the benefits of a short-term clinical program

4 Benefits of a Short-Term Clinical Program

A short-term clinical treatment program for addiction is intense, time-limited, and a great starting point for your recovery journey. The most common is a 30-day treatment program though a short-term clinical program can be longer. Starting with medical detox and continuing until discharge or step-down, 30-day clinical treatment can set you up for rehab success.…

a group of people enjoy chapel services

Chapel Services

 Faith-based treatment for addiction is an effective treatment for the devout, those seeking to return to the faith of their youth, and those seeking a spiritual path for the first time. In the Pennsylvania faith-based addiction center at Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge (PAATC), we combine our evidence-based therapies with a fully immersive faith experience.…

a woman prays about the benefits of faith-based addiction treatment

Does Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Actually Work?

The power of faith-based addiction treatment combines spiritual practices and evidence-based therapies. There seems little dispute about the efficacy of religious addiction treatment for those who are part of a particular faith tradition. About 75% of rehab centers in the United States offer faith-based addiction treatment. To learn more about the benefits of faith-based addiction…


Are Residential and Inpatient Treatment the Same Thing?

In some arenas, there is a clear distinction between residential addiction treatment and inpatient addiction treatment. However, people use the two terms interchangeably in many rehab centers around the country. They both refer to treatment for a substance use disorder that requires the client to reside in the treatment center or hospital. At Pennsylvania Adult…