family participating in a family therapy program

3 Reasons to Participate in Family Therapy

Many components make up a successful drug and alcohol treatment programs. For many people, family therapy is a part of that process. This treatment is when you work closely with your family unit to learn about your addiction and develop a path forward. At Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge, we offer a family therapy program…

woman showing signs of heroin addiction

5 Signs of Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is one of the most severe forms of addiction. Because this substance is highly addictive, withdrawal from it can be intense. More so, many people can become addicted quickly, feeling unable to stop using on their own. Yet, some people may not notice what is happening to their loved ones initially. This can…

two women in group therapy showing the importance of an alcohol addiction treatment center

Importance Of An Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Because it is legal and so common in our culture, alcohol poses a unique risk for both young people and adults. Alcohol abuse can come in many forms such as binge drinking. Once an individual develops a dependency or addiction, they’ll need professional help to heal and recover properly. If you’re facing an addiction to…

individual passed out on couch with liquor bottle in foreground showing dangers of binge drinking

You Can Avoid the Dangers of Binge Drinking

The dangers of binge drinking are significant. They can include problems like blackouts, dangerous behaviors, overspending, liver damage, and other mental and physical health problems. Plus, they can sometimes put you in situations you would have otherwise avoided had alcohol not been a factor. But at Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge, you can get the…