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Could Smoking Marijuana Affect the Brain?

From prescription drugs to illicit drugs, all psychoactive substances can affect the brain’s functioning. These drugs may change mood, awareness, thoughts, feelings, or behavior. Marijuana is no different in that it is a psychoactive drug that directly affects brain function. When the use of marijuana is excessive, it may lead to abuse, resulting in tolerance…

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What Are the Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction?

Addiction to marijuana, officially termed cannabis use disorder, affects about 1 in 10 regular users. Many people discredit the idea of cannabis addiction because it is a drug that people can use medically. Furthermore, it is being legalized in many states. However, thousands of Americans a year require marijuana addiction treatment to break their unhealthy…

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How to Avoid the Dangers of Binge Drinking

The dangers of binge drinking are significant and can include blackouts, reckless behaviors, overspending, liver damage, and other mental and physical health problems. Plus, they can sometimes put you in situations you would have otherwise avoided had alcohol not been a factor. When you find yourself sliding down the slippery slope of binge drinking, you…

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Is Alcohol Detox Necessary for My Teen Before Rehab?

Teen alcohol use is a significant problem in the United States. Nearly one-third of teens throughout the country have taken their first drink before the age of 15. More than 25% of American teenagers drink alcohol regularly, and about half of those drink heavily enough to be considered addicted to alcohol. While these statistics may…

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The Importance of Opioid Detox Program

Opioid detox is one of the most critical components of healing when you have struggled with addiction to prescription or illicit opioids. The withdrawal symptoms can be fairly uncomfortable, making it challenging to stick them out as the drugs leave your system. Opioid detox center services are crucial for many people who have used these…

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5 Signs of Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is one of the most severe forms of addiction. Because this substance is highly addictive, withdrawal from it can be intense. More so, many people can become addicted quickly, feeling unable to stop using on their own. Yet, some people may not notice what is happening to their loved ones initially. This can…

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New Year’s Resolution Tips to Help Your Alcohol Addiction

The start of a new year is always a good time to begin working on your life goals, and a commitment to kicking an addiction is one of the best goals you can set for yourself. However, getting rid of an addiction is a lofty feat that can be challenging to reach without creating smaller stepping stone…

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4 Dangers of Alcohol Detox at Home

Do you or someone you love struggle with alcohol addiction? Alcohol use disorder is different from other forms of addiction because it rarely feels like a disease. There’s no need for furtive behavior because purchasing and using alcohol is perfectly legal for anyone over the age of 21. Generally speaking, drinking is socially acceptable. The…

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3 Signs You’re Addicted to Prescription Medication

Prescription medications exist to help mitigate symptoms, provide relief, and allow people to heal. Physicians control them because many have side effects. Doctors must monitor their use, and most people pay for them through medical insurance plans. Sometimes, those medications have addictive qualities, and patients need to be monitored for long-term abuse. Then some have…