Woman Contemplating Addiction Treatment During Pandemic

Why Choose Addiction Treatment During a Pandemic

The past year has been challenging for those dealing with drug and alcohol addictions with the current pandemic. According to the US government, respondents to a survey in May 2020 showed that drug use was up significantly among those surveyed. Additionally, drug test results also show steep increases. When faced with the COVID-19 lockdowns and…

Man Experiencing Alcohol Addiction

Four Ways Addiction Occurs

Traditional wisdom suggests two basic types of addiction. Either a person is born with the potential for addiction due to genetics, or they develop an addiction with extended substance abuse. Often, the issue becomes a combination of the two. That’s a simplified explanation of this condition, but there may be more underlying issues when evaluating each…

A group of women discuss the challenges of life skills in addiction recovery

5 Crucial Life Skills for Addiction Recovery

Life skills are a vital part of addiction treatment because they enable you to adapt to a drug-free lifestyle without any issues. Substance use disorders can ruin different areas of your life, like relationships, work, and school. After a successful treatment, you need these skills to face the challenges you encounter in your day-to-day activities.…

a group of people exchange gifts during sober holidays

How to Enjoy the Holidays While Sober

For those in recovery from substance use disorder, the holidays present enormous challenges. The media promotes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve as a prime time for happy families. But many people aren’t that fortunate. Pangs of loneliness may loom exceptionally sharp during what’s supposed to be a merry time of the year. And the…

a woman wonders how the holidays impact social anxiety

How the Holidays Impact Social Anxiety

Those who struggle with social anxiety disorder feel uncomfortable in large crowds or with people they don’t know. As a result, holiday celebrations become sources of frustration and anxiety. Office parties may spark fear, and even something as simple as meeting friends at a local restaurant may cause unusual levels of distress. In its simplest…

a group of friends pray about choosing a faith-based facility

3 Reasons to Choose a Faith-Based Facility

Faith plays a huge role in addiction recovery. Even if you’re not a religious person, leaning on God to help you through your recovery is vital. Choosing a faith-based facility for treatment gives you a shoulder to lean on during tough times. It may also help you to reconnect with spiritual beliefs that you’ve neglected…