One of the most enduring myths of addiction is that there is a one-size-fits-all approach that serves every individual. At Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge, we know that every person facing addiction is different. This means that their treatment should be specific to their needs. An individual’s age, the substances abused, the severity of their addiction, and even their background all play a role. The important thing, of course, is taking that first step on the road to recovery. Sometimes, when someone you care about has been struggling with addiction, you need to help them take the first step towards recovery. Reaching out to Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge can be the best way for you to help your loved ones heal. For patients with more severe addictions, an inpatient addiction treatment program at one of our Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge locations is an excellent place to start. To learn about our faith-based addiction treatment programs, contact our treatment center today.

What is an Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program?

group of residents in an inpatient treatment program in rehrersburg paAn inpatient addiction treatment program is a residential program. It provides patients with round-the-clock supervision and support. In a quality program like our inpatient treatment program in Rehrersburg, PA, Western PA, and Philadelphia, the key to rehabilitation is structure. This is why there is always someone on staff available for patients to talk to as they begin your journey of recovery. 

At Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge, we offer all of the levels of support as individuals move through recovery. This means that we support patients through medical detox and our inpatient addiction treatment program, and on to outpatient care and reintegration into their life outside of the center. It is important to understand that these levels are designed to fit together. For example, a patient will often begin their recovery with medical detoxification, which is the first step of our Pennsylvania inpatient treatment program. Detox can be dangerous, which is why it must always be monitored by a healthcare professional. As a result, a patient undergoing detox must remain in the inpatient addiction treatment program under strict supervision. This monitoring is necessary to ensure the health of the patient and to make sure they avoid relapse.

The Benefits of an Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

The approach we use at our inpatient treatment program in Rehrersburg, PA, Western PA, and Philadelphia, can be the right one if individuals have tried and failed to get sober before. Of the many advantages of our Pennsylvania inpatient treatment program are:

  • We can offer more comprehensive therapies and a wider variety of strategies than an outpatient program can.
  • When individuals are surrounded by other patients who are also in recovery, they can form a stronger support network. A strong network of peers is a massive advantage at every level of recovery. They can be the key to maintaining long-term abstinence and sobriety.
  • In our inpatient treatment program in Rehrersburg, PA, Western PA, and Philadelphia, individuals escape the pressures, stressors, and triggers of the outside world. This will give them a great start on their road to recovery.
  • At our Pennsylvania inpatient treatment program, individuals will experience a structured, faith-based approach to rehabilitation aimed at giving them the discipline and tools needed to recover.

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The challenges and difficulties of everyday life make addiction recovery impossible for most people. To help those you care about and your loved ones start their recovery on the right foot it’s important to know what they need. An inpatient addiction treatment program like the one at Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge offers the guidance, the understanding, and the support needed to start the journey towards sobriety. Contact us today online or by calling 844.442.8673. Your loved one’s new life is waiting for them.