Several people in a trauma therapy programTrauma is more than just a negative experience. It negatively affects someone’s mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being. Also, the stress trauma causes can lead to substance abuse. For recovery to be lasting, it is crucial to address the trauma that may have been at the root of the addiction. Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge (PAATC) offers addiction counseling in Rehrersburg, PA to ensure genuine, holistic recovery. Holistic recovery is an approach to healing the entire person, not just addressing the physical and chemical aspects of addiction. Our counselors are experienced and highly trained in trauma-informed care. They help you identify the underlying causes that may be preventing you from healing—such as traumatic experiences—and develop a trauma therapy program plan for recovery that meets your individual needs.

At PAATC, we believe that addressing the root causes of substance abuse is the best way to ensure lifelong sobriety. We offer various therapies, including trauma therapy, to give our clients the best chance to recover successfully. Heal your mind and body at PAATC. Contact us at 844.442.8673 today to learn more about treatment programs in Rehrersburg, PA.

What Is a Trauma Therapy Program? 

When someone goes through any type of trauma, they may become unable to process or move past what happened to them. It may even be easier for some to turn to alcohol or substances to self-medicate instead of facing their feelings. There are many different types of trauma, a few of them are:

  • Childhood abuse or neglect
  • Physical assault or domestic violence
  • Emotional or verbal abuse
  • Rape or sexual assault
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Accidents or natural disasters
  • Long-term or terminal illness
  • Death of a loved one

Going through trauma can result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When this happens, the person cannot stop having negative thoughts or feelings long after the event. They may develop strong adverse reactions to anything that can remind them of their past trauma.

In trauma therapy, the client is helped by the therapist to understand their traumatic experiences better so they can heal from their psychological and physical effects. They are also taught how to better manage their complex thoughts and emotions without resorting to destructive behaviors like substance abuse.

What Are the Benefits of Therapy for Trauma? 

It’s common for people who have experienced trauma to develop an addiction later. When seeking treatment for addiction, including trauma therapy can result in a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Helping clients understand the link between their substance use disorder (SUD) and their trauma or PTSD
  • Identifying and managing triggers that are symptoms of PTSD, allowing them to feel more in control of their emotions
  • Learning skills and strategies that can help them handle their negative thoughts and feelings
  • Helping them face their trauma to move on from it, and find peace
  • Treating the trauma can result in better overall physical health and well-being
  • Trauma counseling can improve communication, enhancing the client’s relationships
  • Focusing on the future and letting go of the past can help clients have a renewed sense of hope

The negative cycle of self-medication and addiction can be broken by addressing the trauma that is the root cause of substance abuse. Learning healthier and more productive coping methods can significantly reduce the risk of relapse, leading to a healthier, abstinent life.

Find a Trauma Therapy Program in Rehrersburg, PA at PAATC 

At PAATC, we believe that recovery from addiction can only be achieved by healing the mind and body. Our warm, welcoming, and judgment-free facility offers programs and services that ensure holistic recovery for each client. If you or a loved one need support in dealing with trauma and addiction, contact PAATC online or by calling 844.442.8673 to learn about our therapy for trauma.