A man in an individual therapy programIn drug and alcohol treatment, you’ll find a variety of therapies available to you. Each one is designed to provide a different way of helping you to heal physically and mentally from the addiction you face. For example, an individual therapy program is something we offer at Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge (PAATC) in Rehrersburg, PA. It’s a type of talk therapy where you will work one-on-one with a group of professionals to overcome your addiction.

What Is Individual Therapy?

As its name implies, this type of therapy is designed to provide you with an opportunity to talk to your therapist in a private, safe setting. This is where you can open up and work through the challenges that you face. It’s completely private, and no one else will know what you say or talk about here. Talk therapy like this is very important for all levels of care because it gives you the ability to learn new ways of thinking about your health and your addiction.

What Happens in Talk Therapy?

In talk therapy, you will work with your therapist to talk about just about anything related to your addiction, mental health, or physical health. The goal here is to understand as much as possible about why you use substances and what it means that you do. You may find there are many benefits to individual therapy like this, including:

  • A setting to open up safely about mental health problems
  • Discuss trauma that may be pushing you to use
  • Uncover stressors to deal with them for good
  • Learn strategies for dealing with stress
  • Learn to manage your negative thinking

Talk therapy is an opportunity for you to heal from more than just the physical addiction you have. It also gives you the tools you need to thrive.

Why Choose PAATC for Individual Therapy?

Our uniquely designed program incorporates both individual therapy and group therapy into most types of care we offer. It can help you with drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

We have caring and knowledgeable clinicians and a comfortable, peaceful location to offer to you where you feel respected and treated with care. The one-on-one care you get here is exceptional. We believe that this is what helps us to focus on your health and help you overcome obstacles. In fact, our comprehensive addiction treatment center lets us provide everything you need to achieve a successful, long-term recovery.

What Can Individual Therapy Do for Your Future?

When you embrace talk therapy with our team, you can work through all of the challenges to find your best way forward. Our upbeat and positive environment may give you the support you need to return to daily life with the confidence you need to achieve big things.

The first step in your journey is to learn more about our programs, such as:

  • Detox
  • Residential addiction treatment program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Men’s rehab
  • Women’s rehab
  • Faith-based addiction treatment program

Are You Ready to Start on the Path of Healing? Call PAATC

An individual therapy program in Rehrersburg, PA is one of the most important investments you can make in your health and your future. PAATC is a reputable addiction treatment center and our dedicated team of clinicians, counselors, medical professionals, and support staff are here to help daily. We provide you with the best possible care for your future.

Our team at PAATC offers an innovative set of therapies to support you in this one-on-one program. You have to take the first step to get talk therapy. Call us at 844.442.8673 or reach us online for the support you need now.