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As we find ourselves in uncertain times we are learning to trust the Lord in ways we did not expect. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken control of our society at the same time as the drug epidemic continues to rage in our communities. It is times like these that we learn to lean into what God has in store for us as a ministry.

A couple of these critically important places for us to learn to trust the Lord is in caring for those who graduate our programs and building up post-graduate supports. Some individuals in our care need additional support on their journey to long lasting sobriety in relationship with the Lord and we must also focus our attention on these vital services.

The Apostle Paul endured many challenges throughout his ministry and he highlighted the way in which God uses the gifts and generosity of others to do His great work. Philippians 4 discussed this concept and the Apostle stated in verse 19 that, “…my God will supply every need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.We are thankful to the Lord for his provision and to the faithful supporters that help enable the ministry work being done through PAATC & The Naaman Center. We cannot do what we do without your support and we are grateful for your contributions.

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Kris J. McFadden, Sr., M.A.R.


/By Amber Didden, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Outside of a “this is your brain on drugs” PSA that was burned into my childhood memory, I didn’t know anything about addiction. When my husband and I got married, I thought that his struggle with addiction prior to us knowing each other was in the past. I didn’t know that it was
something I might want to learn about or prepare for.

My husband, Josh, graduated from PAATC in 2006. We met in Bible college and were married in 2009. When I was pregnant with our first baby, he suffered a relapse into his cocaine addiction. The relapse caught me off guard and neither of us were prepared for it. Instead of seeking treatment, we moved our family out of the state in an attempt to start over.

We ran away from the relapse instead of realizing that it was an opportunity for us to learn more about the influence addiction had in both of our lives.

After a period of sobriety, Josh relapsed again in 2014. The consequences of this relapse were more painful and, as is the case with most severe pain, prohibited us from ignoring the problem. This time, Josh had the opportunity to enroll in the Restoration program in Western PA.

During this time, we both grew in our understanding of how our minds and behaviors had been shaped by addiction. I discovered that I had adopted unhealthy habits and thought patterns as coping mechanisms. I learned how to support Josh and create healthy boundaries for our family. Facing the relapse head on changed our lives.

Josh has been sober for over six years. We spent three of those years in counseling together as we continued the process of educating ourselves and healing.

If it hadn’t been for the Restoration program at PAATC, our family would be in a very different place right now. We will forever be grateful for this time in our lives.


By Julian Kopano, Director of Advancement


Due to CDC guidelines and ongoing health concerns, we have postponed our Charity Gala until 2021. We are saddened because this event is an important time to connect with ministry partners and raise much-needed support for those in our care. So many of you have given generously at this event in the past, allowing many hurting men and women to find the life-saving hope and healing they’ve needed.


September is National Recovery month, a time of national observance set aside annually to celebrate the gains made by those in recovery. This September we are eager to celebrate all that God has done throughout the past year, while also raising awareness and providing ongoing support to those who are struggling. Check out our Facebook page @PennATC and friend us. Throughout the month of September, we will be highlighting amazing testimonies and providing weekly live devotionals, trainings, and opportunities to give.


In light of our Gala’s cancellation and Recovery Month, a friend of PAATC has stepped up to stand in the gap and created a $10,000 matching gift opportunity to help further the work of hope and healing. Throughout September, every gift you make will be DOUBLED up to $10,000, providing TWICE as much impact on the souls we are serving. Would you consider giving towards this goal? Your generous gifts will mean the world to the men and women who enter our doors. Give today and write “Match” on your September donation check or on the memo line of the enclosed reply form. There are many in need and we thank you for how you are Bringing Wholeness to the Hopeless.


We would like to thank our auditing firm, Boles, Metzgar, Brosius, and
Walborn, for their generous donation of meat in May!

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We would like to thank June Simcox-Gerhart and her group of donors for their generous
donations made to May 5th’s #GivingTuesdayNow Giving Day.

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By Rev. David Louis MA, CAADC, CCS Executive Director of Adult & Teen Challenge of Western PA

The key question is: what motivates someone to stop abusing drugs and alcohol? Usually it is the negative consequences stemming from their use, such a legal problems, family conflicts, homelessness, etc… Many men and women enter our programs because these negative consequences push them in.

However, if these negative consequences are the ONLY thing motivating change, then eventually when these consequences subside there is nothing stopping them from using again.

From a Biblical standpoint, this is why the law, as a principle of change, brings death. “The sting of death is sin and the power of sin is the law” (1 Corinthians 15:56) In other words, external motivations to change are usually not enough to produce permanent change.

What does produce lasting change and internal motivation? The Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ says that the desire and motivation to stop using drugs comes from the transforming message of the forgiveness of sins in and through Jesus, not simply the negative consequences of using substances.

Here at PAATC, we teach that true change and motivation is produced as the Holy Spirit leads us to find Jesus Himself as the true and lasting treasure (Luke 13:44-46) which motivates us to say no to chemicals.