For individuals struggling with addiction, there are three basic frameworks for recovery: spiritual, religious, and secular. There are as many arguments for which is more effective as there are people struggling with addiction. At Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge, we offer a comprehensive faith-based addiction treatment program. The aim of our Pennsylvania faith-based addiction treatment program is to help those suffering from substance abuse problems use their faith in God to understand and treat their addiction.

Advantages of a Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Program

At our faith-based addiction treatment program in Rehrersburg, PA, clients can expect many advantages that you will not find at other recovery centers. In addition to amenities like a comfortable, quiet facility, a 24/7 call center, and transportation, individuals will also see benefits that are specific to your faith-based approach. These include: 

  • Faith-centered sober living. Sober living facilities are a centerpiece of the programs at Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge. The fact that these are also faith-based adds the benefit of sharing your sober living arrangement with residents who are also of faith.
  • A faith-based support network. At Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge, our faith-based programs do more than offer clinical addiction treatment. We have also designed them to allow patients to grow in their faith and to grow spiritually.
  • Reduced risk of relapse. Our faith-based addiction treatment program is designed to help patients reduce relapse by helping them transition back into their regular life more easily. By focusing on developing good routines and avoiding triggers, we give individuals the tools needed to succeed.
  • Faith-based mentorship. One of the most important aspects of building a strong support network is the mentoring individuals receive. As patients learn how to leave their old ways behind and gain control over their life, mentors will reinforce these behaviors as they share in faith. 
  • Healing in faith. As an individual’s body and mind grow and heal, their soul will deepen. As patients access their own inner strength and peace, they can tap into a divine power that will sustain and carry them throughout recovery. This is the real strength of an excellent faith-based addiction treatment program.

Using faith as a tool, your loved one can overcome the addiction they are battling. However, no one can heal and recover from addiction alone.

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No one asks to become addicted. However, the first step in recovery is recognizing the need for help. In our Pennsylvania faith-based addiction treatment program, we allow individuals to harness the power of the divine to help in healing. Addiction is a health issue that affects every aspect of an individual’s being: physical, mental, and spiritual. Establishing faith as the cornerstone of recovery will allow individuals to do more than confront addiction. This simple, powerful act will allow them to overcome their addiction and live their best life. 

Everyone deserves more than a life of addiction. Let us show your friends, family, loved ones, peers, or co-workers struggling with addiction how to live a new life today. Contact us online about our faith-based addiction treatment program in Rehrersburg, PA, or call us at 844.442.8673 today.