Anxiety is one of the most common co-morbid mental health disorders that those seeking addiction treatment are also facing. In most cases, a person only learns that they’re battling an anxiety disorder when they are seeking admittance to an addiction treatment center. With dual diagnosis treatment, we offer an anxiety treatment program in conjunction with your substance abuse treatment. It is in this way that the individual has the best chance of staying clean and sober.

At Pennysylvania Adult and Teen Challenge, we do not treat anxiety alone, but we’re proud to provide treatment for anxiety while you receive addiction treatment. Concurrent treatment for both conditions can give you the relief you need to recover fully. If you’re suffering from both an anxiety disorder and an addiction, our team can help. Call Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge today at 844.442.8673 for more information about our treatment programs.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

a man struggles and decides to enroll in an anxiety treatment program

When individuals have an addiction and an underlying mental health disorder, they have a dual diagnosis. These are two different disorders, and each requires its own treatment. Many addiction treatment programs only treat addiction. The individual must then enter a separate treatment program after they finish the current treatment. When a facility offers a dual diagnosis program, both disorders receive treatment simultaneously. This treatment option provides a continuation of treatment within a familiar environment and tends to result in long-lasting recovery.

Why Is Anxiety So Prevalent in Those With Addiction?

Anxiety, along with depression, is very prevalent in those with addiction. In many cases, the first venture into drinking or taking drugs results from the need to manage anxiety symptoms. Think about the person who takes a drink or two in order to feel comfortable enough to interact with their peers or the trauma victim who is trying to quiet the voices that play out their trauma over and over again.

Furthermore, we live in a fast-paced society that requires us to take on many roles simultaneously. The need to excel or be left behind creates anxiety. At the same time, our society places a stigma on anyone who appears to suffer anything other than perfect mental health, so the people who feel daily anxiety try to find ways to treat their symptoms quietly. Unfortunately, if they use drugs or alcohol, the symptoms may quiet for a time, but the substance creates even more problems.

Can Treatment For One Condition Help?

While it is possible to treat only the addiction or only the anxiety, this isn’t the ideal situation for remaining sober. Treating only the addiction still leaves behind the root cause that started the person to use in the first place. They continue to have anxiety but have no way to handle it. Treating only the anxiety leaves the individual with better tools for dealing with anxiety. However, they are still physically and emotionally addicted to a substance that creates further issues, including the anxiety that comes with quitting. This problem creates a vicious circle.

Only by treating both conditions together can you offer a greater chance of success that breaks the cycle and opens up a road to recovery. With the body free of dependency on a substance and the tools in hand to cope with anxiety, the individual has the best possible chance at a new life.

Getting Anxiety Treatment As Part of Your Addiction Recovery

Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge offers an anxiety treatment program as part of your addiction recovery program. Many anxiety disorders are at the heart of a person’s addiction, and it is often essential to get to the base of the problem in order to heal. If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, we offer a range of treatment options. For instance, our services include:

To learn more about your treatment options, contact us at 844.442.8673. We will evaluate you thoroughly upon admission and determine if there is a need for anxiety treatment in addition to addiction treatment. Together, we can help you reach your highest potential for a brighter future.