Short-Term State Licensed Program



Short Term Addiction Recovery

This program is clinically based and focuses on individualized treatment. Our short term program includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and integrated mental and chemical health services. Clients in our short term program have a high level of engagement with professional counselors. The multidisciplinary staff approach is motivational, strength-based and relationally focused. We also offer life-skill development that helps the resident enhance coping and social skills.

What is a short term program?

Our short term program is a state license drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Those that are in our short term program can expect a clinically based program with multiple group sessions daily and individual counseling sessions 1 to 2 times per week, this also includes family therapy.

As a clinical model of care the short term program will incorporate the holistic treatment of each person from all aspects of health. Including biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual components.

Our short term recovery program is considered a residential program. Those in the program will stay in our newly renovated facilities at one of our locations including: Rehrersburg, PA campus, Philadelphia, PA campus and Western, PA campus.

How long is the short term program?

The short term program is designed to include an average length of stay of 30 days.

By completing the short term program you will be eligible to transfer into the long term program without the traditional 4 month stay at an induction center location.

Amenity Highlights

  • State-licensed.
  • Newly renovated.
  • Large campus.
  • Full service dining hall.
  • Family training.
  • Full Gym & Weight room


Please do not hesitate to call our admissions department.

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