Addiction does not discriminate. The only common denominator among those who suffer from this disease is their humanity. As no two people are precisely the same, neither are the underlying causes of addiction nor the ideal treatment for those who suffer. For individuals struggling with addiction, recovery frameworks include spiritual, religious, and secular. There are as many arguments for which treatment is more effective as there are people struggling with addiction. If you are one of those people, only you can decide which option is best for you.

At Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge (PAATC), we offer a comprehensive faith-based addiction treatment program in Pennsylvania. Our Pennsylvania faith-based addiction treatment program aims to help those suffering from a substance abuse disorder use their faith in God to understand and treat their addiction. For more information about our faith-based treatment options, reach out to learn more. Call 844.442.8673 or use our online form.

Advantages of a Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Program

Woman in faith-based addiction treatmentFaith-based programs that are also evidence-based will offer excellent treatment to those for whom a spiritual or religious path is most comfortable. Benefits to a faith-centered protocol include:

  • Faith-centered sober living: When you choose a faith-based program, you have the added benefit of living in a community with others who share your spiritual and religious convictions.
  • A faith-based support network: Having a like-minded network will support you in multiple ways. Peers who share your values can offer encouragement and familiar ground as you experience professional addiction treatment.
  • Reduced risk of relapse: Faith-based addiction treatment programs can provide better long-term outcomes by easing your transition into life post-treatment, thus avoiding relapse.
  • Faith-based mentorship: Receiving reliable mentoring is an essential step in building a solid support network. As patients learn how to leave their old ways behind and gain control over their lives, mentors reinforce these behaviors by sharing faith-based intentions and goals.

Using faith as a tool, you or your loved one can overcome addiction. However, you don’t have to do this alone. We are here to walk with you as you begin this journey of faith and healing.

PAATC’s Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Program

At our faith-based addiction treatment program in Rehrersburg, PA, clients can expect many advantages that they will not find at other recovery centers. PAATC’s faith-based programs offer clinical addiction treatment and more. We offer amenities like a comfortable, tranquil setting, state-of-the-art treatment facilities and programs, a 24/7 call center, and an aftercare program. In addition, you can reap the benefits of evidence-based care in combination with a faith-based approach.

Residential sober living facilities are fundamental to the programs at PAATC. We’ve designed our unique specific treatment programs to allow you to grow in your faith while beginning your recovery journey.

As you learn to live a sober life, your body and mind begin to heal. When this happens in a faith-based addiction treatment program, your soul deepens. As you access your inner strength and peace, you will find that tapping into a divine power will sustain you throughout recovery. This is the real strength of PAATC’s faith-based addiction treatment program.

Our professional staff will guide you to develop positive routines, recognize and avoid triggers, and practice life skills based on a deep commitment to faith. Some of the treatment options within PAATC’s faith-based program include:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) helps individuals manage strong urges and emotions related to addictive behaviors. It helps people recognize the triggers that lead them to use drugs or alcohol, develop healthier ways of coping with these triggers, and build better relationships with family and friends.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on changing unhealthy thoughts and behaviors related to substance use while also helping individuals build new coping skills that can replace the need for drugs or alcohol.

Faith-Based Family Counseling

This is a form of counseling that uses religious beliefs and practices to help individuals and families cope with the consequences of addiction. It helps people recognize the impact of their behavior on their relationships, develop healthy coping skills, gain insight into destructive patterns, and strengthen their commitment to spiritual practices.

Faith-Based One-on-One Therapy

Faith-based one-on-one therapy emphasizes spiritual values and beliefs in its course of treatment. It encourages individuals to use their faith as a foundation for recovery, helping them to identify areas of struggle and developing coping strategies rooted in their beliefs. It focuses on developing a meaningful connection between spiritual values and recovery goals in order to heal from addiction.

Aftercare Planning and Sober Faith-Based Opportunities Post-Discharge

Aftercare planning involves developing a plan to support the continued sobriety journey after completing treatment. This could include referrals for counseling or social services, recommendations for a continuing care program, or establishing connections with community-based resources.

Seek Treatment at Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge

No one asks to become addicted. However, the first step in recovery is the person recognizing the need for help. In our Pennsylvania faith-based addiction treatment program, we encourage individuals to harness the power of the divine to help in healing. Addiction is a health issue that affects every aspect of an individual, including physical, mental, and spiritual.

Establishing faith as the cornerstone of recovery allows individuals to do more than confront addiction. We understand that addiction is a chronic illness that cannot be cured. However, we also know that sobriety is possible, and a life of recovery is within reach. The powerful act of embracing faith as your core tenet will make it possible for you to live a long, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

No one should have to stay trapped in a life of addiction. You deserve more. If you or one of your friends, family, or colleagues is struggling with addiction, reach out to PAATC today to learn more about our multiple treatment modalities within a faith-based program. Contact us online about our faith-based addiction treatment program in Rehrersburg, PA, or call us at 844.442.8673 today.