You Are Cordially Invited!

Pennsylvania Adult & Teen Challenge is hosting its inaugural Women’s Circle of Giving on December 13th, 2018. The registration fees from the event will benefit one of three PAATC projects presented during the luncheon.

At the end of the presentations, guests will have the opportunity to vote on which project they would like to see funded by the proceeds. The registration fee includes lunch.

Space is limited. Registrations will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Donations towards the project will also be accepted if you are unable to attend the event.



The Women’s Circle of Giving is a dynamic group of female donors that is improving the mission of PAATC and our patient care in a collective way. The Women’s Circle of Giving allows attendees to combine their passions for helping others and pool their financial resources and effectively invest in projects that enrich the lives and care of those patients and students that access PAATC programs and services.

1) Register for the Women’s Circle of Giving.

2) Join us for lunch and project presentations on December 13.

3) Vote on the project that needs the most immediate funding.

4) Fund the project and make a difference!


WHERE: Say Cheese! 600 Penn Ave., West Reading, PA
WHEN: Thursday, December 13, 2018
COST: $100
RSVP: Please Register by December 6
DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? You can contact us via email at

The Women’s Circle of Giving offers you the opportunity to vote for a project that you feel will benefit most from your $100 donation. Three presentations outlining specific current needs of our programs will be given while you enjoy a lovely lunch with fellow women supporters. After the presentations, all attendees will vote on the project they personally feel needs immediate funding. Votes will be tallied and a program winner will be announced at the conclusion of the celebration. That project will receive all of the raised funds from the first Women’s Circle of Giving.


Marriage Retreat
The marriage retreat is a special time for the students and their wives to reconnect and reignite their love for one another. They enjoy a time of training that consists of intimate moments spent learning new and interesting ways to communicate, to begin to rebuild the trust that was once lost and most importantly to put Christ first in their marriage. This is a unique time for the couples to start to recover together and build a foundation for a long lasting healthy relationship.
Total Cost of Project $2,500

Women’s Detox Lounge
We now offer detox services for women and it is usually a five day process, sometimes more. This is a very delicate period during the drug and alcohol recovery journey. The women we take care of range from young women at the very beginning of their adult lives to women with families and children. We would like to provide our patients with a space that brings them peace during this transition filled with many unknowns.
Total Cost of Project $2,500

Chapel Renovations
Our chapel space is the rock that our program is built on.  We would like to renovate our current chapel to make people feel comfortable in an area that brings them peace and serenity. Once comfortable, it will make it easier for them to concentrate on the word that is being ministered to them.  Our prayer is that we can achieve these renovations which include new paint, new individual seating, lighting, new sound board, flooring and our mission statement on the wall.
Total Cost of Project $33,000 – Goal to Raise at this Event $1,000

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